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We are committed to delivering high-quality projects that present innovative design solutions and excellent value through careful control of cost and programme that ensure client satisfaction.

Solar panel instalation

Juja farm

This involves the mounting of solar panel that are crucial to harnessing light, for conversion to electric energy.

Barbed wire fencing


This entails stapling of barbed wire onto wooden poles with u-shaped staples. The barbed wire could be gauge 16 or 12.5 gauge.

Electric Fencing


Electric fences are ideal for horticultural farms, national parks among other areas. The fence can be powered up using a solar or the national grid. Mainly, the fence deters animal and human intrusion into a premise through pulsated electrocution.

Utility Poles Supply


Once an order is placed with us, we have them reserved for you. Ready poles can be purchased at our Kiambu outlet that is along the Kikuyu-Wangige road, opposite Kanyariri primary at Muthure Shopping centre.

Setting Up Farm


Since most of the land being fenced is often new or virgin, we help you set up a site house, bathroom and lavatory. They can be made to your specification, however, most of this are simple structure that are done with timber and either ordinary iron sheets or box profile

Water Towers


This involves construction of a tank base if the intention is to collect rain water from the roof top. Gutters are fitted to the house to gather the rain water into a tank. Water towers are often installed where a tank (of either 3000L to 10000L) needs to be hoisted high above the ground to allow for increased water pressure for use in irrigation