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Electric Fencing

In Electric Fencing

Electric fences can be powered using the national grid or a solar system. We customize your fence based on the power source to be used. Often, electrical fences can be installed on a perimeter wall and can be used as a fence for a farm. They are best used to deter encroachment into a farm and are effective in keeping off predators, trespassers, and livestock as well as wild animals.

Electric fences expose an electrical shock to intruders. A good Fence will often bear a voltage of between 5 and 8 kilo volts. Such a charge is high enough to electrically shock animals and human beings as well even when touched with leather gloves.

The fence can be identified visually by observing for Hatari/danger signs, w-connectors used to attach the high voltage wires to a CCA treated pole, and a bull-nose used to insulate the bracing poles from an electric current. This kind of fence does not mix well with a vegetative fence (live fence). The best maintenance practice to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, is to keep vegetation off the fence.