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solar powered electric fence

Electric fences can be powered using the national grid or a solar system. We customize your fence based on the power source to be used. However, if both are available, we install an energizer that can use both alternatives. Often, electrical fences can be installed on a perimeter wall and can be used as a fence for a horticultural farm. They are best used to deter encroachment into a farm and are effective in keeping off predators, trespassers, and livestock as well as wild animals.

Electric fences expose an electrical shock to intruders deterring possible entry. When integrated with an alarm and a monitoring system, any intrusion attempt sounds the alarm. A good Fence will often bear a voltage of between 5 and 8 kilo volts. Such a charge is high enough to electrically shock animals and human beings.

The fence can be identified visually by observing for Hatari/danger signs, w-connectors used to attach the high voltage wires to a CCA treated pole, and a bull-nose used to insulate the bracing poles from an electric current. Alternatively, the electric wires can be passed through the pole and insulated using a white pipe. Electric fences do not mix well with a vegetative fence (live fence). The best maintenance practice to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, is to keep vegetation off the fence.