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Impregnation of gum poles with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) is carried out at our facility to prolong useful life of timber. The preferred gum tree species are the Eucalyptus Grandis and Eucalyptus Saligna. The treatment process involves a vacuum and pressure process that ensures a maximum absorption (1.5 inch) and retention of the chemical into the wood (16 Kg per meter cubic).

CCA has been recommended globally for treatment and preservation of timber meant for long term use. Its use begun in 1934 after Dr. Sonti Kamesam, an Indian Scientist, who obtained its patent in Britain. The Copper and Arsenic in CCA protect the timber against fungal decay and wood boring insects. In addition, the chromium fixes the wood preservative to the cells structure and prevents the chemical from leaching into water bodies once absorbed by the wood. Timber treated with CCA has a safe use of about 70 years and hence the longevity of wood products built with such.

CCA is effective against all timber desiccants which includes termites, fungi and wood rot among others. Adoption or use of CCA treated wood conserves the environment because the timber lasts longer than it takes to grow another tree.

CCA treated wood has been used globally for power pylons in addition to construction of

  • Houses
  • Log Cabins or Cottages
  • Fences (Electric, barbed wire or netted wire/Chain link)
  • Water towers
  • Green houses
  • Decks and boats
  • Landscaping and gate pillars
  • Bridges

Our products are prepared under a highly monitored environment for purposes of quality assurance and achievement of customer satisfaction.