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simple gate 12ft wide
concrete poles 8ft tall
barbed wire fence
flat razor fence 7ft tall
10000L water tower
simple 12ft gate
simple 12feet gate
10000L water tower
high tension wire fence
simple steel gates
log cabin house
pressure treated poles with CCA
PVC Coated Chain-link fence
6ft chain link fence
chain link Razor wire fence
5ft chain link with razor wire
high tension barbed, 5 ft chain link with razor wire
Log Cabin houses
corner strainers
corner strainers
CCA pressure treated fencing poles
Bathroom and Latrine
Drive way fencing
10,000L wooden water tower
Flat razor fencing
Pictures are evidence of work executed. Professionalism and good craft workmanship are evaluatable through pictorials. We do our best when it comes to installation of wire fences. As the saying goes 'pictures say more than words'

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